Sega Back In The Hardware Business. Limited Edition Nostalgic Laptops Launched

Sega are getting back in the game! Sort of. After the Dreamcast died a humiliating death and Sonic the Hedgehog titles started to become properly bad, it seemed like the company was done, but now they're returning with a range of limited edition laptops.

Each "Sega Note PC" evokes the imagery of consoles past - the Sega Megadrive (Genesis for the US), Saturn, and Dreamcast all get laptops modelled after the consoles. A fourth design simply utilises the familiar Sega blue, but that's hardly as fun, is it?

The Megadrive in particular is a nostalgic delight with the instantly recognisable Sega logo and a badge proudly proclaiming it to be a "16-bit" system. The lids are swappable, allowing you to switch between all 3 "consoles" without  having to own 3 whole laptops.

The fun doesn't stop on the outside, either. Each laptop comes preloaded with windows themes which evoke the old Sega games with wallpapers, icons and music from their classic titles.

Unfortunately, you're not likely to get hold of one of these badboys outside of Japan, and you're going to need to flash some serious cash either way. The laptops come in "light," "standard," "high-spec," and "premium" versions, and from cheapest to costliest you're looking at between £693 to £1352 for the purchase. There are also only about 50 of the standard laptops and up.

It's a lot of bank just for a nostalgia trip, but if you've got the cash and know how to speak and read Japanese, head on over to Ebten - the manufacturer Sega has partnered with - and pop one in your basket.

Source: Ebten