'Tinder.' New App Streamlines The Dating Process To 'Hot Or Not' Basics

We're all used to the notion of online and mobile dating by now; OKcupid, Match.com, eHarmony, the list continues to grow. To some extent, it makes sense -- modern life is becoming more and more hectic with most people working longer hours, and many no longer have the time to have relationships grow organically. But Tinder, a new dating app for your phone, has refined the art down to a basic "hot or not" principle.

Once downloaded, the app connects you with all the other users of your preferred gender within a 50 mile radius and you simply swipe the green heart if their picture appeals. If that person likes you back, then the messaging can begin.

There's no need to write a profile, and no checking for your compatibility percentage. All that is required is your name, age, and picture - and to link your Facebook with the app.

"With some of the other matchmaking sites, you have to make full profiles and there can be this scary and awkward anticipation." Alexa Mateen, the social media director of Tinder commented. "Tinder eliminates the hurt of getting turned down."

This app is increasingly popular, perhaps because of its no-frills approach that simplifies dating and eliminates the difficult task of summarising yourself in a little box. However, the tactic of reducing a person to their physical attractiveness is one that could be seen as dubious at best and shallow at worst.

If it's a simple one night stand you're after, then of course basing your choices on looks isn't a problem; but some would say it's good to have a little information to go on before attempting a relationship with someone.

After all, they may be extremely attractive, but if their personality is similar to the famous "nice guys" of Okcupid it's usually best to stay away. At least other dating websites warn you first.

Source: Tinder