'The Tweet Hereafter' Documents The Final Tweets Of The Recently Deceased

Thanks to Social Media, your "famous last words" can be chronicled as the final sign-off of your online and physical life.  As human beings, we are only beginning to explore what happens to your digital life when you die; but a project titled 'The Tweet Hereafter' explores this with a collection of the last tweets ever posted by "notable, newsworthy, famous, or infamous people."

This "experimental project," created by Jamie Forrest and Michael McWatters, stretches back to 2009 and contains these final online messages sent from people before they died.  It's certainly an odd feeling to see death, what was initially a touchy subject, portrayed so publicly.  While some of these tweets are rather mundane, showing the frivolity of last words, others from the likes of aurora shooting victims of this gentleman below are exceptionally chilling, with a hint of extremely bad timing.  It's morbid, but really quite fascinating.

The concept is rather dark, and also invokes a real sense of sadness.  A lot of the story of a human's last moments on earth can be told in the final 140 characters of his/her life.