#NRMPresents. New Rising Media Are Looking For The Best Of What Is New And Undiscovered

What is new?  This has become a question asked by many; but never answered.  That is until now, as New Rising Media is taking a swing at it with a new feature simply known as '#NRMPresents.'

The last decade has been one of exponential change.  The media landscape of 2003 was something rather different before its time of complete transformation.  In the public gaze, it was clear to identify what was 'popular' and what was 'new.'  But with a lack of technological capability and public adoption of the 'new,' it was more often than not that this small sector of the planet did not receive the attention it truly deserved.

There was a disconnect between 'new' and 'popular;' but that gap is closing.

As we move through the years, welcoming the likes of prosumer technology, social media, and the re-invigorated excitement of discovery, this aforementioned landscape is no more.  Now you have the likes of a Kickstarter project winning an Oscar, bands achieving a worldwide audience without ever saying a word in popular channels, photographers seeing their work reaching an exponential amount of people in meme form, scientists fascinating an entire planet outside of their small community, and game developers entertaining an entire generation with something they programmed in their bedroom.

The void between 'new' and 'popular' is now a singularity, thanks to these factors and more, so begs the revised question.  What is new?

We are looking to answer this question through exposing musicians, photographers, game developers, filmmakers, web developers, scientists, technologists, futurists, writers, basically anybody who plays a part in transforming the media landscape we see before us.  

#NRMPresents will be a metaphorical spotlight on those new and undiscovered, with the potential to shake up their respective space.

It's an exciting time, and we want to put you in front of an audience of 500,000, eagerly searching for an answer to the all important question.

What is new? You tell us.