Polytron Unveils World's First Transparent Smartphone

Taiwanese company Polytron has unveiled the world's first transparent mobile phone, suggesting they could be on store shelves by the end of the year.  This fascinating prototype is made almost entirely out of glass, with only the circuit board, camera and memory card visible. 

The technology behind the display, named "Polyvision Privacy Glass," contains liquid crystal molecules that uses an electrical reaction.  When the power is off, these molecules become scattered, making the glass opaque.  But when the device is turned on, a current is applied and the molecules align, making the display transparent.

This makes for an amazingly futuristic looking piece of kit, in which you can see the SD card, batteries, speaker, microphone and camera all connected by near-microscopic wiring.  It doesn't have an operating system yet; but it sure would be interesting to get Android on this.

Although this is in the early development stages, Polytron hope to get a full prototype model completed and out for limited market production by the end of 2013.