South Korea Raises Military Morale With Les Misérables Parody

After enduring heavy snow all winter, the mostly conscripted South Korean Air Force needed something to cheer them up. What better than a satire of Les Misérables?

The video follows the story of Jean Valjean, an airman who is dumped by his girlfriend when his authoritarian superior Javert refuses to let him spend time with her.

"I Dreamed A Dream" and "Do You Hear The People Sing?" make an appearance, as well as some of the less well-known tunes. They're sung rather well, for soldiers whom we assume have no professional vocal training. It's also genuinely funny, which is something I never thought I'd say regarding anything to do with Les Misérables.

A little oddly, the girlfriend is called Cosette, but we'll avoid the unfortunate implications.

The video has now gained over two million views in four days - not bad going at all.

Watch it here:

Helen Gould