X-Wing Squadron Seeks $11m On Kickstarter In Response To Crowd-Funded Death Star

The Rebel Alliance have started a Kickstarter campaign, requiring $11 million for an X-Wing fighter and pilot to destroy the recently proposed 'Open Source Death Star.'  Crowdfunding has become the new frontier for battle between the Empire and Rebel forces.

GNut, creators of the Death Star Kickstarter project, have attempted to pull an elaborate hoax by telling the world this crowdfunded battle station is a hoax.  Fortunately, this has not fooled the battle-hardened Rebel Alliance, as they have taken opposing measures and asked for $11,000,000.  With this they can "finance a prototype of an X-Wing and train a pilot."

If they reach this pledge goal, I would like to formally introduce myself as the individual who aced 'Star Wars Arcade' in bowling alleys and seaside arcades across the country.  As is obvious, you'll find me to be the perfect candidate for wearing the orange jumpsuit and delivering this deadly payload to the Death Star.

But of course, having a squad will even the odds (especially my own 'Porkins'), which is why I implore everyone to help us reach the first stretch goal of $4,485,672,683.  The second stretch goal at 13 million Galactic Standard Credits (with the GSC valued at 0.62 USD means this stretch goal would actually be less than the original pledge goal at $8.6 million) for a Millennium Falcon complete with Corellian smuggler and Wookie co-pilot.

Even though their maths maybe slightly off there, the entire ethos of the Rebel Alliance is nicely summed up by an answer given in the FAQs: "We're scrappy and work on a low budget. We also have lower overheads without all the bureaucratic red tape of the Empire."

A race for intergalactic funding, who will make it first?

Source: Kickstarter

Jason England