#NRMPresents 'SIMPLcase.' A Minimalist iPhone Case For Travelers


Anybody who regularly travels will know the pain of international data costs, or keeping track of international SIM cards to dodge these charges.  Luckily, 'SIMPLcase' is an iPhone 4/4S/5 case with a solution that is, as the name suggests, simple.  

By putting a little tray in the back panel of the case to store two Micro (or Nano) SIM cards and the SIM ejection tool (a.k.a. glorified paper clip), no longer are you losing track of these crucial items.  Also, you'll find a small opening in the back, in which you can use a standard credit card as a stand for the phone.  

The SIMPLcase, designed by Simon & Ed of LGCL designs, is one of those "I can't believe they haven't thought of it yet" inventions that seems simple, yet innovative in its function.  

May not be as ambitious as their X-Wing Squadron project; but it's close enough!

"I'm from the US and Ed is from the UK and we met while both working in Shanghai over a number of years. Living abroad in an international business hub like Shanghai means we end up traveling a lot. During our travels, our beloved iPhones help us stay connected, entertained, organized, and productive anywhere in the world." Simon Kwan writes on the Kickstarter page.

"But world travel can be expensive. A major expense of traveling in our connected lives are steep roaming charges. To save money, we always try to purchase local SIM cards when traveling abroad. Changing SIMs, however, can be challenging."

This combined frustration led to the creation of SIMPLcase, which only adds an extra 3mm onto the thickness of the phone, and is built from a polycarbonate thermoplastic resin for durability.

At the time of writing, the iPhone 5 version has received $14,299 of the $20k goal with 14 days to spare, and the iPhone 4/4S model has raised $1,365 of its $17k goal with 50 days.  This definitely shows a demand for this convenience, and I suggest you take a look!