Flying Drone Fitted With Terrifying Eagle Claw To Snatch Victims At High Speed

Researchers from the University of Pennysylvania have developed a bird-like claw, and attached it to a unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).  This enables the flying drone to pick up objects at a high speed, heavily inspired by how an eagle uses its talons to grab prey.  We just took one terrifying-yet-awesome step closer to flying robots snatching humans off the street.

The team used 3D printing to create a three-fingered claw, and attached it to a 4-inch long motorized arm.  By mimicking the action of real flying predators like the Eagle, this gives the drone a capability to pick up stationary objects while flying at three metres (almost ten feet) per second.

While I can appreciate the beneficial uses of this technology (saving people from danger in emergency situations), you can't help but think about the scary alternative: law enforcement and military grabbing human targets.  Take a look at what the team have built below, and always check the skies before you move.

Source: Research Paper