'The Bat.' Levitating Mouse Of The Future

Ever looked at the mouse sitting by your PC and thought that maybe, just maybe, it needed to levitate? Well your bizarre whims are not far away from reality now thanks to Vadim Kibardin, winner of the 2012 DESIGN AND DESIGN International Award. What more appropriate name for something equal parts weird and awesome than "The Bat"?

The Bat uses the almighty power of magnets to achieve levitation, and will hover 10 millimeters when under the burden of a human hand, and a dizzying 40 millimeters when not in use.

There is a point behind this almighty creation, however. Kibardin intends for the device to lower the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Excessive computer use is believed to be a risk factor for carpal tunnel, though research remains inconclusive.

Even if The Bat proves ineffective in the fight against Carpal Tunnel, the fact still remains that it is a LEVITATING MOUSE and therefore deserves to exist.

The Bat has so far only been seen in computer-generated mockups, and is in the first stages of pre-production. Hopefully it won't be too long before The Bat floats into shops. Though truth be told, I'd probably still prefer one of these.