Fujitsu's Camera Software Reads Pulse In Real-Time By Looking At Your Face

Biometrics have flourished in past years. From securing your smartphone to tracking people through airports, it's gained a lot of interest. Fujitsu Laboratories is no exception to this trend, and from it’s continued development, they have created camera software that can read a person pulse from just their face.

The technology works by analysing difference in skin tone, that reflect the change in oxidation in the blood. As the red blood cell absorb different amounts of green light as they work through the body. With a pulse rate being outputted from as little as 5 seconds, at a distance, it puts similar heart rate apps to shame.

The practical applications of the software could reach in to health and fitness, allowing coaches to keep real-time checks on athletes heart rates during training or competition. Or on the slightly more intrusive side, identify suspicious behavior in public places. There is definite room for potential in the technology, and Fujitsu is helping to bring it to the mass market.

Source: Fujitsu PR