Terrifying 'BigDog' Robot Sports Herculean Throwing Arm To Doom Us All


Meet BigDog, a horrific robotic crab-like abomination with wires and cables protruding from its metal skeleton like something straight out of your most eldritch nightmares. This rough-terrain "mule" robot is terrifying enough to look at, but now, with the addition of a front-mounted arm, it can throw a cinder block at your face the way us weak, fleshy humans would fling a tennis ball.

Weighing in at 240 pounds, this abomination of wires and steel created by Boston Dynamics uses the strength in its spidery legs and shapeless torso to power a throw that would cave your face in like it was tissue paper.

In addition, this metallic monster can thunder through the streets at 4 miles per hour, climb slopes as steep as 35 degrees, and maintain its balance on slick mud, ice, snow and rubble. Even when being kicked in its spindly legs, BigDog won't budge, meaning there is literally no way for us mere humans to stop its block-chucking rampage.

In this writer's humble opinion; our days are numbered.