NASA Finds A Space Invader In The Deep Cosmos

NASA's Hubble Telescope found a Space Invader in this massive cluster of galaxies, known as Abell 68.  The gravitational field surrounding it acts as a naturally distorting lens. This produces a fun house mirror effect, and created this shape similar to that of a simulated alien from the classic 1970s game.

The spiral galaxy at the top left of this shot has been stretched and mirrored by the 'magnifying glass' effect of the gravitational field.  Also worth noting, in the upper right is another striking feature of the image that is unrelated to gravitational lensing. What appears to be purple liquid dripping from a galaxy is a phenomenon called ram-pressure stripping. The gas clouds within the galaxy are being stripped out and heated up as the galaxy passes through a region of denser intergalactic gas.

Life is small, when you think we're all part of one giant game of Space Invaders.

Source: NASA