Team Seek $500,000 On Indiegogo To Build Fully Working Iron Man Suit

Want to be Iron Man in real-life?  A team have set up a project on Indiegogo, asking for $500,000 to build a "fully working look alike Iron Man suit."

Everyone dreams of owning an Iron Man armor and we want this dream comes true.

Vague on exact details, creator Silvio Mercurio aims to open source the designs of this project, sharing the schemes and progress for you to build your very own homemade version.

The project maybe "not a joke," we can't help but share a sense of skepticism, especially since the launch of the parody 'Open Source Death Star' account and the retaliating 'X-Wing' Kickstarter.

But, taking it on face level, we can't help but be excited to step into the shoes of Tony Star.

Source: Indiegogo