'Monsterous Murders.' A Stop-Motion Short with Real Potential

Sarah Davidson and Sarah Duffield-Harding from the University for the Creative Arts have been developing stop-motion animation for a number of years. Their projects have been relatively low budget, and have taken time and dedication for them to complete. At the moment they are currently looking to complete one of their largest works yet: Monsterous Murders.

The problem with having such a low budget however is fairly evident; a lack of money. The Sarah team are looking for donations to help them complete their project, and are advertising on the KickStarter website for others to help them complete their goal.

Donating to the projects allows for a number of perks in relation to the film's release and a number of goodies. Plus it would help progress these incredibly talented individuals further in their up-and-coming career, especially in Britain where the need for creative film-making is becoming a great necessity.

If you would like to know more about the funding project, take a look at this video here:

Or, if you want to get to know what an animation of theirs is like, have a look at their short Electreecity (2008) here: