Giant 2-Tonne Robot Walker Is A Sci-Fi Nightmare Come True

Some days you just don't feel like going through the hassle of walking around without the aid of a giant 2-tonne mechanical spider monster, and now thanks to science your very very bizarre feelings have been catered to.

Okay, so I lied. The Mantis Walking Machine only has six legs, but it's still pretty darn creepy. Designed by Matt Denton and his team at Micromagic systems, this behemoth of a walker took four years to develop and is the largest all-terrain hexapodal robot in the world.

Standing tall at a colossal 2.8 meters (9 feet) the Mantis will tower over the screaming, fleeing masses as you pilot the monster to your local corner shop. It can be piloted directly or with wifi, though one can only assume that if wifi connection drops it goes on a killing spree.

It is capable of manipulating objects (such as pushing a trailer, or crushing weak, pathetic human skulls beneath its mighty legs). It can even fold itself into a truck bed, probably so that it can sneak up on innocent victims.

For now, however, the Mantis can only move at an impractical 1km/hr, as its navigational software has to rely soley on the information given to it has they touch the ground, meaning that it won't so much chase down screaming victims as drunkenly stumble after them like your aunt after Christmas dinner.

It is likely that future versions will be equipped with visual systems, allowing the Mantis to get a good lock on its target before running them down and unleashing death and pain upon them.

Or it can go get my milk for me within a reasonable time-scale.