Harrison Ford Confronts Chewbacca On Jimmy Kimmel. Dodges 'Star Wars' Questions

After Harrison Ford was confirmed to reprise his role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars sequel, alot of questions have been asked.  This anticipation was turned into a rather amusing comedy sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live, including a man in Princess Leia cosplay and a love triangle with Chewbacca.

After telling fans he won't be answering any questions about Star Wars, this led to an argument between Ford and his old co-pilot of the Milennium Falcon.  With Jimmy Kimmel saying he wanted the two to "bury the hatchet," both Han Solo and Chewie began to argue about a love triangle involving Ford's wife.

After storming out of the interview, saying "I'll see you in hell" to Chewie, it's quite obvious that he will not let this Wookie win.