NASA Mars Rover Draws Giant Penis On The Surface Of Red Planet

Anybody who has kept up with the Curiosity Rover's antics on Twitter will know NASA has a cheeky sense of humour; but we never expected this.  Looks like an employee has used the Rover to draw a giant penis on the surface of Mars.  The photo in question shows one of Spirit’s or Opportunity’s tyre tracks leaving a very appendage-looking impression in the Martian dust.

One small step for man, one giant leap for phallic symbolism.

To those wondering why we aren't invited to nicer planets in the universe, this pretty much sums it up.  It appears that as a species, we literally can't go anywhere without leaving a dick on the wall.  Only time will tell whether this turnes into a full 'mens bathroom mural,' complete with "For a good time call *insert name here*" emblazoned upon the face of another planet.

Speculation was rife as to the legitimacy of this image, surely it's been photoshopped.  But as it was found on an official NASA page (full page recently taken down), that’s pretty doubtful.

And to think what would alien civilisations think of us as they look down on our actions...all in the spirit of "banter."