Next Generation Xbox To Be Unveiled On May 21st

Invitations have been released for the announcement of a next-generation Xbox in Redmond on May 21st.  Ever since Sony announced the PS4 two months ago, all eyes have been on Microsoft to see how their new console will stack up.  At 10am Pacific Time on the 21st of next month, Microsoft's Don Mattrick will reveal the "Xbox 720."  And while it will be limited to select press, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has confirmed the event will be streamed live.

Many stories have led to massive amounts of speculation over the past year, as to what the Redmond-based company will do with this new generation.  Some are more of a dead cert, like giving the Xbox 720 DVR features to enable live TV playback (the Xbox 360 is trying to be a centrepiece to your living room anyway).  While others are much more up-in-the-air: A 7-inch surface tablet as a controller?  Pressure sensitive controllers that can identify people just by how they hold it?  Wearable controllers?  All very much based around your interface with the machine.

What do you want to see out of the next generation Xbox?