Easily Faked Pictures Claim The Next Xbox Could Be Called 'Xbox Infinity'

Following Microsoft's countdown to unveiling the next Xbox unveiled next month, it's fair to say speculation has been rather wild lately.  But none have sent gamers into more of a recent frenzy than two different images that suggest this next generation console will either be called "Xbox Infinity," or simply "Xbox."

The conflict began as Forbes leaked an image of Microsoft's new Xbox branding, removing all numbers to modifiers in favour of something very Apple-esque.  Whether this is a good thing comes down to personal opinion on how companies name their products.  

However, for those who enjoy a little name-related differentiation in their consoles, the Reddit community have got you covered.

Discovered in the wider social media community is another promotional image, using similar dark colours as the invites sent out to press, which suggests the console will instead be called "Xbox Infinity."  It even comes complete with the self-aggrandizing slogan: "Infinite entertainment. Infinite possibilities."

We are never the news outlet to report on pure speculation and, quite frankly, these both look rather fake.  But these two console names are strong possibilities, redeeming hope that they don't actually go with "Xbox 720."

Which one would you pick?