VR Headset Combined With Motion Controller. Virtual Hand Movements Match Yours

Independent developer Kelly Weaver has combined the Oculus Rift VR headset with Razor Hydra motion controllers to create a prototype of a character whose arm and hand movements match yours perfectly.

In his 2-minute video, Kelly shows off his prototype, while talking about the things this set-up could be used for, such as gesturing to friends in online games. The software clearly isn't complete, and it doesn't look quite right yet, but it's a damn sight closer to "being the controller" than any other gaming set-ups have gotten so far.

Perhaps sometime in the future, the able-bodied among us can all enjoy the privilege of standing in our living rooms, massive buckets strapped to our head, knocking over lamps and small children as we beckon to our allies for support in Call of Duty 9, or something. Add some sort of motion-tracking for the legs and we'll finally have fully-immersive teabagging, too!

Source: Kelly Weaver