Japanese Robots Let You Know If You Smell Bad

japanese robot smell.jpg

Given the choice between being told you stink by a hot date, or a terrifyingly 'friendly' robot, I'd probably pick the date.  But for those who picked otherwise, the Kitakyushu National College of Technology and Japanese company CrazyLab have the answer for you.


The team has created two odor-detecting robots, one rather hilarious and one which is downright horrifying.  The former resembles a dog that sniffs your foot odour, giving you a variety of reactions from excitedly reacting to 'playing dead' to the sound of Chopin's Funeral March.

The latter is a eerie female floating head by the name of "Kaori."  She (it) will smell your breath and rank its rankness.  So if you're overly sensitive about your scent, don't rely on intuition or the help of a fellow confidant.  We keep saying Skynet is taking over; but we never expected the robots to rise through our sense of smell.

Source: Asashi