Mad Genius Controllers Debut Motion Controller That Breaks Into Two

Mad Genius Controllers have unveiled a proof-of-concept, showing off a break-apart controller that not only features incredibly detailed motion control for ANY game on ANY platform, but splits in half to enable two seamless forms of user interface.

The video demonstrates the controller - a modded xbox 360 controller - played with Skyrim. No modifications were made to the console or game software, everything is done from the controller itself, meaning it will work with any game, no matter how old.

The video is impressive, with the user showing off increasingly complex feats of motion control - starting from basic walking and strafing around, moving onto drawing, aiming and firing a bow (done with an immersive-looking exercise of splitting the controller into two parts and holding each part as you would a bow and arrow) and eventually having a complex battle with many enemies, cycling between weapons before finally becoming a werewolf.

There are a few obvious problems with the tech as it stands - you have to physically walk forward in order to move your character forward, so you can only really move a step or two forwards before having to shuffle backwards again. As such, walking/running is still done via buttons. Presumably later updates will have the controller recognise moving on the spot as moving forwards.

There is also a considerable time lag between the motion controller and the actions appearing on the game - though given that neither the game nor the console have been modded its still pretty impressive, albeit not really viable as a method of regular gameplay. But again, one can only assume that this lagcan be reduced with further updates to the technology.

Mad Genius Controllers, who have set up a YouTube account, a Tumblr account, and a Twitter account, are planning to launch a kickstarter in the future to fund the further development of this tech.

Source:Mad Genius Controllers