Concept Video Shows Future Applications Of Google Glass


Now that Google Glass is out in the public, what does the future hold for the device?  Will we as a society accept this device, and what apps would we use?  Toronto-based creative agency Playground Inc. has answered this question with a concept video that envisions what we may be using Glass for in the coming months.

"The future of Google Glass: Visualizing beyond limitations," uses what we currently know to show us a well-produced vision of the future possibilities.  Fitness training, choosing payment options, label scanning, live sports updates, and adaptive musical instrument training.  It makes for some truly exciting uses for the technology.

Most interestingly, however, is in emergency response.  The video shows how Glass could be used to dial 911, give you a countdown timer of when the emergency services will arrive, and give you instructions on what to do in the situation.

While this all seems futuristic, one thing is for sure: every concept shown in this video is absolutely possible.  Hopefully the final price of this device won't be too drastic and society reacts positively to wearing Glass, as this could very well be the future of mobile interaction.