Leap Motion Previews Minority Report-Style Windows 8 Interaction

Leap Motion Windows.png

Leap Motion has provided deeper insight into the future of touch-free computing by showing us just what interaction is capable on Windows 8.

Demonstrating a Sci-Fi fan’s dream of computing, Leap Motion shows off the fundamental OS interactions like pointing and clicking, along with multi-touch functionality (without touching anything), drawing in a 3D space, and some pre-determined air gestures.

"Everything you can do with a touch-based system, like Windows 8, can now be accomplished with Leap Motion technology. We want our users to have a magical experience, with easy and natural movements in the air leading to amazing interactions. This is the foundation for our approach to existing systems," said David Holz, co-founder and CTO of Leap Motion. "But this is only the beginning. The potential for our 3D interaction technology is really unleashed by applications built specifically for Leap Motion, helping drive the future of computing."

Leap Motion will go into beta testing in June, and will publish a similar video for Mac OSX soon.