Teenagers Losing Interest In Facebook. Interest In Alternatives Rise

Facebook general.jpg

Facebook may still be the most popular social network amongst teenagers, new findings from the Pew Research Centre suggests their interest and enthusiasm for the network is decreasing.

Research shows 77% of online people aged 12-17 use Facebook; but the vast majority have "waning enthusiasm for Facebook," even though they view the social network as "important for socialising."  The report explains they're losing enthusiasm because of their dislike for over-sharing, stressful "drama," and the fact that more and more adults are signing up.  While 7 in 10 teens are Facebook friends with their parents, seems they don't like it.

The problems they share with Facebook is getting young people more excited to use other social networks.  24% of online teens use Twitter, an increase from 16% in 2011.  Breaking this stat down further, 39% of African-American teens said they use Twitter, and only 23% of white teens said the same.

11% use Instagram, Tumblr grabbed 5% of their attention, 3% use Google+, and Pinterest draw in the final 1%.  Myspace (surprisingly) draw 7% of social media usage.

According to this research, Pew has concluded that "the frequency of teen social media usage may have reached a plateau."  You can find the full finds from the Pew study here.