Twitter Users Confuse EDF Energy With English Defence League Following Woolwich Protest

EDF Energy EDL Twitter.jpg

Energy firm EDF has been trending on Twitter; but for all the wrong reasons.  Users have confused the company with the English Defence League, sending them hundreds of abusive tweets about the far-right movement's protests.

Throughout today, the firm has been forced to tweet a number of people today, explaining the "very easy-to-miss" difference between an energy company and a group of vocal protestors with little grammatical knowledge.  The mix-up began trending after the EDL marched on Woolwich in an anti-Islamic protest, attacking the local Mosque.

I, for one, will not be buying any more gas or electricity from @edfenergy. Not after tonight's display.
— Keri (@kerihw) May 22, 2013
@kerihw Hi Keri, if you are referring to Woolwich, please know that the protest was from the English Defense League (EDL). Best, ^TL
— EDF Energy (@edfenergy) May 23, 2013

One tweet read: "@joshweller Hi Josh. If you are referring to Woolwich, the protest was from the English Defense League (EDL), not EDF Energy. Best, ^TL."

Many Twitter users expressed the same hilarity we felt:


Similar to the Natwest/Natalie Westerman situation a while ago; but on a whole new level of stupidity.