#NRMPresents 'Caged': A Marvel Fan Film

UK filmmakers Sneaky Zebra have unveiled their new project: a short film focused on the character of Luke Cage (otherwise known as Power Man) and how he breaks out of his unjust imprisonment, bringing unwanted attention to himself in the process from certain high-up interested parties.

The character of Luke Cage is an often neglected one, despite being the first black Marvel superhero. He is an ex-gang member with a troubled past, who gained his powers after undergoing a medical experiment that accidentally gave him skin like steel and enhanced muscles.

The Sneaky Zebra team, Nick Acott and Gary Scullion, say: "Built on the foundation of Luke Cage from the comics over the years we've given our own Sneaky Zebra style to it.

"A  great inspiration for us was the first Iron Man film which does an  amazing job at creating a grounded and realistic superhero film - you  only have to believe Tony Stark is a genius who can create Arc reactor  technology and the rest writes itself.

"We wanted to capture a  similar feel, with tense drama and high action, making our film easily  slot right into the Marvel universe."

They currently have £480 of the £3,128 goal for this project, and are appealing to their fans and fans of Marvel to help them acheive their dream. The film will be uploaded to Youtube, with a projected release time of next summer.

The team are working on the absolute minimum budget, with all the money raised going solely towards production of the film - so the more fans put in, the more they'll get out.

Sneaky Zebra added: "We spend a lot of time,  effort and our own resources on our YouTube channel delivering as much  content as we can.

"However we really want to step up our game and  produce something awesome, something amazing and most importantly  something you are going to enjoy and with just a little bit of support  we can do that."

Watch their pitch here:

We are awaiting further details on this project, so look out for an update!