Precognitive Robot Knows Your Wants And Needs Before You Do

precognitive robot.jpg

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a robot that is capable of accurately predicting when you need help, and providing assistance with tasks.  Using a Kinect sensor, the robot uses a database of 120 videos to analyse and understand your movements.  With this knowledge, it can then help you perform key tasks such as taking your medicine, making a meal, or stacking objects.

For the robot to interpret exactly what you're doing, researchers are using complex algorithms to detect skeletal movements and map them to particular sub-activities.  These include reaching, moving, pouring, eating and drinking.  Then your interaction with objects around you are detected, to assess future actions and possible destinations.

After learning from a few mistakes also, improving its own precision, the robot has achieved an 83.1% accuracy level for activities, outperforming the very algorithms it was tested against.  While this has been shown off doing everyday tasks, what is most interesting is to envision future potential beyond home use.  A robot to assist surgeons, firefighting, helping patients with their care routines.

What is more terrifying however, is the use of one for law enforcement/military use.  Think the Precognitive Squad from Minority Report, only robotic.

Source: Cornell University