#NRMPresents 'The Realm.' An Imaginative Evolution Of The Point & Click


The Realmis an upcoming point-and-click adventure game currently making the rounds on Kickstarter. The game takes place on an Earth in the far future, presumably after an apocolyptic event, in which remnants of cities and civilisations we recognise today have grown in harmony with nature - trees, plantlife, and the like. The game follows the journey of a young girl, Serena, and her giant golem friend, Toru throughout the land, all rendered lovingly in a hand-drawn artwork style, layered to create 3D environments.

Little is known about the game's plot, other than that the world is under some kind of danger from creepy flashlight-faced monsters, but Serena's journey across the land with Toru is a major focus.

The gameplay involves Serena and Toru navigating their way across environments, with Serena and Toru each having their own strengths and weaknesses, and you must get the characters working together in order to pass your obsticle. One such example is having to shake a boat out of a tree - Serena shakes the tree and executes the "copy me" command. Toru, however is distracted by songbirds. Serena can clap them away, and then Toru will help her shake the tree.

The game's story will take place across 4 acts, with much of the plot development taking place during the gameplay itself, but with a cutscene at the end of each act detailing major plot developments.

Currently the game has earned £50,215 of its its £195,000 goal (as of 10AM, May 5th), with the standard fun little kickstarter rewards in place such as deluxe editions of the game, posters of the game's artwork and, for big spenders, character models based on your own appearance in the game, and even a tour of the creators' offices.


The game itself is slated to appear in both digital and physical boxed forms, on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. The Realm has all the makings of the next great point 'n click - taking the strengths of Point 'n Click legends before it, while actually innovating and building upon the foruma in intuitive ways to suit its own universe, The Realm looks well worth backing, so check them out on Kickstarter, and on Steam Greenlight.