'Lone Signal.' Start-Up Transmits Your Tweets To Outerspace


What is out there? Now you can try and talk to extra-terrestrial live, as New York-based Lone Signal is sending your online messages into space.  Simply submit your message (about the length of a tweet) and they will take care of the rest, broadcasting it 17 light years away to the Gilese 526 Solar System via the Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel Valley, CA.

The distance is so great that messages will take about 17-18 years to arrive.  Add onto that the sentient life's response time, and you may be waiting a while.  But it's always worth a shot, as the first text is free, and messages after this are charged at 99 cents (about 65p) for a bundle of four.

What would you send? Don't treat it like snapchat!