HTC, Samsung And LG Argue On Twitter Over UK Smartphone Awards

lg samsung htc twitter war.jpg

Samsung, HTC and LG took to their UK-based Twitter accounts to bicker, after the HTC One won the "hottest smartphone of 2013" award.  This is usually the sort of childish behaviour we expected from fanboys, so it's kind of weird to see entire companies engage in it.

Without diving too much into "he said, she said" trivials, HTC UK posted the first tweet: celebrating their "hottest phone of 2013" award and adding "ouch @SamsungMobileUK" to the end.  Shortly after, Samsung UK fired back with their own tweet, noting they had won three other awards at the same ceremony.  HTC UK then fired back with the accusation of Samsung paying students to write fake reviews of compeitors' products.

LG UK got in on the action, posting an image of Michael Winner telling HTC & Samsung to "Calm down dears, it's only a mobile phone," playing homage to his catchphrase from an old series of insurance ads.  The tweets were a bit of harmless 'banter;' but leave this bickering to the fanboys please?