World's Smartest Artificial Intelligence Computer Is As Smart As A Four Year Old

One of the world's smartest computers took an IQ test, did rather well for artificial intelligence, scoring as well as a four year old.  

The ConceptNet 4 A.I. system, developed by MIT, took the Weschsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence Test, a standard IQ test for children.  The computer completed straight-forward questions without a trouble; but struggled to give any reason if asked "why."  

"If a child had scores that varied this much, it might be a symptom that something was wrong." Robert Sloan, author of the study commented.  This is standard practice for computer systems, as they can be programmed factually rather easily; but to code the element of reason into something that is a binary system at its lowest form is extremely difficult.  Because of that, the likes of common sense and judgement, have eluded AI engineers.

"All of us know a huge number of things," said Sloan. "As babies, we crawled around and yanked on things and learned that things fall. We yanked on other things and learned that dogs and cats don't appreciate having their tails pulled." Life is a rich learning environment, and in its current state AI simply cannot comprehend this..

"We're still very far from programs with commonsense-AI that can answer comprehension questions with the skill of a child of 8," Sloan added.

The study certainly helps keep track of our technological progress; but it also aids in Cambridge University's analysis of our "extinction-level" in the face of a Skynet-like uprising.

Source: University of Chicago