#NRMPresents 'MotorGun.' Car Combat From A "Dream Team" Of Developers


What would you get if the creative minds behind the likes of Gears of War, Unreal Tournament, Twisted Metal, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Interstate '76 made a game? Newly formed Pixelbionic has the answer: presenting MotorGun, the studio's inaugural car combat title.

This PC team-based multiplayer game pays homage to the likes of Twisted Metal, while adding RPG-influenced progression for longevity.  It's a chance for gamers to see what can be accomplished when a talented team of industry veterans are unleashed on a genre.  

"Projects like MotorGun wouldn't be possible without support from players and fans who share our imaginative passion for guns and gears," said Lee Perry. "As a fan of both the genre and many of the titles the Pixelbionic Dream Team has worked on, it's exciting to be able to contribute to the vision and direction for MotorGun."


Set in a post-apocalyptic world where gasoline, guns & your skill behind the wheel rule the day, MotorGun promises a wide variety of vehicles, multiplayer modes, customisation options, and an in-depth tech tree.

"We've been working hard to ready our Kickstarter launch of MotorGun,which we are beyond ecstatic about," said Pixelbionic Co-founder and President Mike Arkin. "Maxx and I have assembled an all-star team who share our creative vision for an awesome car combat game. However, the fate of MotorGun relies on the commitment and support of fans looking for something special, so we're looking forward to the reception now that we're live."

Already well on the way towards their $650,000 goal ($64,391 at the time of writing), the team have already added stretch goals, including a version for Playstation 4.  

"We have an amazing opportunity to really push the limits of what can be achieved with such an ambitious indie project," said Co-founder Maxx Kaufman. "I know the supporters of MotorGun will be blown away once they see some of the great ideas we're working on, such as completely tailoring the experience to each individual –  customizing the vehicles – from weapons and defensive measures to the look and style of the cars."

If you feel car combat games have been somewhat absent recently, you owe it to yourself to take a look at this.

Source: Motorgun (Kickstarter)