New Rising Media Update #2

We've only just begun.jpg

Many things have changed since my last update way back in March last year, so I thought I would start this off with an apology.

You see, our promises have been broken; but not for the reasons you believe. We have simply evolved into something of a different beast.  I look at competitors in our space and one thing is clear, we are not close to scratching the surface of what is "new."  Those moments of pure crystallising fascination as one undiscovered person singlehandedly redefines what you thought was capable.

They exist, be it a team from Bristol bringing you closer to the moon than ever before, four guys from Exeter redefining the social music experience, or one man simply fulfilling his dream of creating horror.  We as Britons are not giving them the spotlight they deserve, and our mission has changed to take this into account.

We are a truly talented nation, making a lasting impact upon the planet.  Why cut off what is new and undiscovered until a readership demand they see more of it?  Why wait for the attention to put your 'stamp of approval' on someone or something?  These questions spur on this new wave of online news and blogs, to write content to escape.  To distract from the unfortunate fact they can only answer this question with another question: "what do people want?"

At New Rising Media, this happens a little differently, because we feel we can safely answer this question. People don't know what they want until you show it to them.  We write to confront this, attack this, and show people what they want.  Things they have never seen before, things that would normally never see the light of day and remain undiscovered.

Our mantra of "Nerd Journalism" has evolved over these past 16 months, as has the public conscience of our readership, over 500,000 strong.  We hear you all, we thank you all for your continued support, and we shall deliver.

But as far as I can see, we've only just begun.

Jason England