British Hacker Creates Firewall To Block Everything On The Internet But Porn


Following David Cameron's announcement of an porn filter for the UK, it has been met with a significant backlash.  UK-based Sicksad has heard these calls from Government by building 'The Great Firewall of Porn,' which does exactly the opposite and blocks all non-pornographic content on the internet.

"So I hear the UK government wants to make a porn filter."  Sicksad writes in a post.  "About bloody time i reckon. I’m fed up of happily browsing the Internet for boobs, only to have non-porn related subject matter thrust down my face hole."

Okay, so maybe this isn't exactly the filter that David Cameron was talking about; but it does drive home the point of how ludicrous it is to have to ask Government for permission to view online content.

The filter itself is a really clever use of the porn-identifying OpenDNS FamilyShield, flipping the instructions to only allow porn through.  If it would normally be allowed, the site is blocked, bringing up a page that requests users to fill out a request form for Government to release the block.

"Taking inspiration from other great Internet filtering nations such as North Korea, China, Syria, Iran, Cuba, Bahrain, Belarus, Burma, Uzbekistan, Saudia Arabia and Vietnam I decided to help out the UK government and build an Internet filter that only allows pornographic material through.

You’re Welcome."