Headset Shocks Your Brain To Improve Gaming

Shock therapy to improve your high score. The gaming headset is the world's first commercial Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Headset, applying a small current to the front part of your brain to improve your cognitive functions and short-term memory.

Having recently received FCC certification (yet to get FDA approval), the small electrodes on this headgear stimulate your prefrontal cortex with a small current (the order of 2 milliamps), which is said to "overclock" the brain and help neurons fire faster.  This process is already used for medical purposes, treating patients with brain injuries and depression.  

Basically as your brain communicates through electricity, pumping a current through your neurons creates more communication and, hence, allows for faster thought. clearly state that this has been "tested to all required regulatory standards," but is absolutely not for medical use.  The headset also comes with a Bluetooth connection, which will connect with an app controller on iOS (and Android soon).

Current reviews for the hardware mention tingling and burning sensations that persist after use and visual distortion (Yikes). Let's hope they sort this. is slated to ship soon and is available for purchase via its website for $249 (£163.35).