#NRMPresents 'Super Techno Ninja.' Castlevania Meets Dishonored In Side-Scroller

super techno ninja.jpg

Take the unique blend of Castlevania, Strider, Dishonored and Mark of the Ninja, and you get an ambitious side-scroller by the name of Super Techno Ninja.  Taking the best of classic action games and combining it with modern gameplay mechanics, London-based independent game developer Darryl has introduced something new to what has become a rather tired genre.

Instead of a linear structure, which is a standard for structures, this focuses on giving you more freedom and choice.  Tackle levels using different paths & various approaches: burst through the front door killing everyone in sight, or use stealth and sneak across the roofs.  

"There will always be a path that is obvious and straight forward, however the various environments will also reward exploration, and host a number of secrets, with areas that might not be accessible the first time you encounter them, but an increase in a certain ability just might open new paths up for you." 

In the developer's own words, this is a "2D side scrolling action game, with 'sandbox' levels, and a big emphasis on choice, where you take control of a techno ninja, and his numerous abilities and weapons."

Pledging for a rather modest £5,000 to create the game, it's a small amount for what does, essentially, look like a really fun game that mixes the mindless button bashing of a hack'n'slash with the element of open choice.

Source: Kickstarter

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