'PaperDude VR.' A Virtual Reality Paperboy Using Oculus Rift, Kinect And A Bike

paperdude vr.jpg

Paperboy has been resurrected in the form of 'PaperDude VR,' combining the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, a Kinect motion sensor and a stationary bike.

Toronto-based Globacore has used these technologies to create a first-person virtual paper route, built in Unity.  The Kinect tracks your arms for throwing newspapers, and a Bluetooth-enabled Kickr training device, paired with an iPad, tracks your speed travelling through the on-rails course.

Points are awarded for accurate throws, and taken away for missing or breaking a subscriber's front window.  Obstacles such as angry dogs, skateboarders, and grim reapers pepper the road, some of which aren't present in this "early prototype" version.

The developer recognises its lack of Paperboy-authentic features such as "lack of breakdancers, ghetto blasters and rogue lawnmowers."

You had us at "ghetto blasters."