Stereoscopic Images From World War I Discovered. History's Horrors Animated


A Toronto photography and design studio has found a rare Verascope camera and photographic slides, allowing us to see World War I in 3D.  This Verascope handheld stereoscopic camera, created in the 19th century by Jules Richard, was previously owned by the French army during this conflict.

The photographs captured with this show the many battlefields of World War I, including trenches, streets and forests.  The close intimacy of these images is immediately enticing in its own right; but to add a third dimension into GIF form like this makes for a slightly unnerving immersion.  It's fantastic, from a 'capturing a terrifying chapter in humanity' kind of way.

If you're going Toronto way (I'm immediately jealous from Grey Britain), you can see these photos for yourselves in a 3D viewer, courtesy of A Nerd's World.