British Scientists' Search For Alien Life Renewed With UK SETI Research Network

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UK scientists are stepping up their efforts to search for alien life, forming the United Kingdom Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (UK SETI) Research Network.  Academics from various British institutions have banded together to form a "small but active group of SETI researchers in the UK, who need a forum to discuss their work."

The group, patroned by English Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees and coordinated by Alan Penny, aims to raise nearly ¬£700,000 every year to fund their research.  This will include listening for hints of alien life over high-powered radio telescopes, and developing new strategies & technologies to aid their search.  

"We hope that the existence of the network will excite interest from people in the UK astronomical community that have been thinking about SETI and encourage them to contribute their work." Alan Penny said at a recent press conference.

A more cohesive initiative searching for extraterrestrials...could've sworn this already existed!  Whether they receive this funding is something we'll be finding out over the next year; but their focussed research, expanding on previously experiments, all signs point to 'good.'

Source: UK SETI