'Grand Theft Auto V' Gameplay Revealed In Trailer

grand theft auto v gameplay.jpg

Rockstar Games has finally released a Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer, detailing how the upcoming blockbuster will actually play.

In this nearly five-minute-long video, they provide an extremely good look at the world of Los Santos, showing the variety of locations, from "urban decay, to untouched wilderness."  Beyond this, Rockstar also details exactly how these three main characters will influence the gameplay.  Switching between protagonists on-the-go through missions, planning your heists, and giving players more freedom in tackling key goals.  

When you're off the clock, you can enjoy the likes of golf, hunting, real estate investment and taking on the stock market.  What is most exciting, though, is the rather brief glimpse into GTA's multiplayer at the end of the trailer.  Rather than talk about it, why not just take a look after the break down there.