Hacker Creates A Guitar That Shoots Fire

guitar flamethrower.gif

If you feel like turning your rock up to '11' in a whole different way, look no further than YouTube user TheAlphaPyro, who has created a guitar that doubles as a flamethrower.  

He's created a series of guitar-mounted flamethrowers, which started with one that's able to shoot a six-foot flame for about 40 seconds.  From there, this has progressed to a system with more barrels, fuel tanks, and a system that shoots 18-foot long flames coloured with pyrotechnics!  Words can't describe how awesome this is.

“I noticed an unfortunate lack of many flamethrower guitars on the web so I filled the need.”

The craftsmanship that has gone into this is something you rarely see anymore except for small pockets of inventors, and it's a sheer incredible sight to dream about: pulling the final note to a long solo, wrapped up with a blaze of fire.

It just goes without saying though, don't try this at home!