O2 Announces 4G Network Coming August 29th

O2 4G.jpg

O2 has announced plans to launch their own 4G network, beginning in three cities on August 29th.  The network is to switch on first in London, Bradford and Leeds, with an extra ten cities by the end of the year.

4G will be available from £26 per month, matching the lowest plan from EE including a phone; but no matching the SIM free deal offered.  O2 has invested £550m to secure one of the highest proportions of the UK’s lowest frequency spectrum.

To sweeten the deal, O2 will be offering free music content for 12 months to consumers, and "next generation business applications" for their business users.

"I believe that 4G is not only going to transform the way businesses work, but also how services are delivered to customers. Start-ups and small businesses should also be considering the benefits 4G offers in terms of agility and being able to engage with their customers in new ways," Ben Dowd, Business Director at O2 commented.

 "We will be working with our business customers over the coming months to bring the possibilities of 4G to life, but urgent commitment from businesses and the public sector is also required for its true value to be realised.”

O2 has confirmed their 4G network will not be compatible with the iPhone 5.

Source: O2