Breaking Bad Season 5 'Blood Money' Review


If you were worried that the first of Breaking Bad's final episodes couldn't possibly live up to the hype created by fans across the globe: well, don't.

Directed by Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston, you start to see a creative pattern between this and the previous two he took the helm for (the season two and three premieres).  At no point does it feel slow or drawn out; but at the same time it's methodical.  'Blood Money' is a meticulously calculated explosion of raw emotion, which doesn't let you go until the credits roll.

Without ruining the story (spoiler-free review), the story continues directly after Hank discovers the identical initials in Walt's book, found in the bathroom.  Mr. White continues his enigma of a life, actively encouraging the viewer to predict his every move, only to surprise at every turn.  And Jesse Pinkman is still coming to terms with the shooting of Drew Sharp, the boy at the freight train heist, and the ruthless covering up of said murder.

Beyond these details, it would be criminal to even try to walk you through the story, other than to say you need to see it.  The near-perfect execution of a show that doesn't prolong any inevitable, throws away the five-season-long game of cat & mouse, and punches you straight in the face (metaphorically).

Simply put, it lives up to all astronomically high expectations you may have had.