The Daily Mail Caught Plagiarising An Entire Article From

Daily Mail Cracked copy.jpg

The Daily Mail has been caught copying an article from comedy website  Plagiarism is never a good idea, especially if it's committed by one of the most well known news publications in Britain.

Author Ruth Styles published the following article on Daily Mail about the world's worst tourists.  Just one day before, author XJ Selman posted this.  All the images, along with a whole host of phrases had been lifted for this near exact copy.  Selman first identified this and posted it on Twitter.

I have been plagiarized by @DailyMailUK this is mine Guys why are you so mean I'm crying

— XJ Selman (@xjselman) August 11, 2013

The Daily Mail have attempted to do their classic 'fix without admitting fault,' by taking some of the text out and adding a follow-through link to the story on Cracked.  However, you'd hope this kind of plagiarism wouldn't happen in the first place.