Usain Bolt Winning, With Lightning In The Sky. Possibly The Luckiest Piece Of Sports Photography

Usain Bolt Lightning.jpg

As a photographer you always have that one shot where the metaphorical stars align, and a strike of luck grants you an amazing shot.  This very phenomenon has happened to AFP photographer Olivier Morin, who captured this incredible shot of Usain Bolt at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow.

Using one of five remote-controlled cameras positioned around the finish line, he had no idea that such an epic photo had been taken until it was seen afterwards.

"This was, I think, a once-in-a-lifetime moment."  Morin explains in a blog post.  "In my 25 years as a photographer I’ve never had an uncontrollable external element make a photo like this, and I imagine if I tried again for a similar result for the next 50 years, it wouldn’t happen again."