'Grand Theft Auto Online' Gameplay Revealed In Trailer. Coming October 1st


Rockstar Games has released a video detailing Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer system teased in July's Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer.  Simply put, the options are endless in this online sandbox, built for 16 players.

The trailer gives great insight into what you can get up to, being pitched as a place to live out a virtual life.  The standard missions are there, everything from playing golf to forming a crew with your friends and performing bank heists.  But the more Second Life-esque mechanics, like buying your own apartment and inviting friends over have captured the curiosity of many people.

Beyond this, Rockstar also showed us a glimpse at the limited level-building tool that allows people to create both race courses and deathmatch maps.  The company have also claimed they will continue to roll out more and more content to bulk out this online world, keeping it fresh.

GTA V is set to come out on September 17th; but this online portion won't be available until October 1st.  Get excited.