Science Concludes Lumberjacks Are More Manly Than Sports


A pair of Anthropologists from the University of California, Santa Barbara have answered the lifelong question of masculinity, chopping down trees is a more manly activity than sports.  Who needs to be competitive when you could be a lumberjack!

Researchers Ben Trumble and Michael Gurven, studied the hormone levels of men in Tsimaine, a borough in central Bolivia, as they chop down trees. These are the kind of guys who need work to forage, farm, and hunt for their food.  Essentially (and very stereotypically) put, they are what many would call a "Man's man."  After this, they tested men who played football for an hour, and combined the results.

I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay.

The conclusion is simple, while those playing football had a 30.1% increase in testosterone levels, the lumberjacks' increased by 46.8%, showing that these levels aren't as directly related to competitiveness as many previously thought (thank God, I'm terrible at sports).

Source: Eurekalert