The Boston Boys - Keep You Satisfied EP Review

The Boston Boys.jpeg

The Boston Boys are an up and coming mix of classic folk rock with an electric feel, shown in their recent release Keep You Satisfied. Forming as a quartet while attending Berklee in Boston, Massachusetts in 2009, the electric bluegrass style of music is a great fit for any fans of Mumford & Sons.

The strong instrumentation drives through the eclectic combination of soul, rock, jazz, americana, blues, and pop. However, this strength overpowers the projected words at times. An unusual blend of percussion, mandolin, guitar, fiddle and drums create a great balance of emotional & energetic sound, which will keep you entertained on your travels.

Boston Boys' new EP will “keep you satisfied” (pardon the pun); but not much more than that. A great instrumental and strong intro, complete with quirky and upbeat fragments maintain interest; but a deep voice occasionally popping up draws away some of the lyrical attention.

However, it is an energetic and well composed record you could happily dance along too at their upcoming tour through Europe in November, 2013. The Boston Boys use a collection of ambitious instrumental sounds to create a unique experience, but the lyrics are secondary to the underlying sound.

Best Track: Endless Creation


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